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The Genealogy of HBS

By Nisso R Fukuoka



The Teaching and Practices
Honmon Butsuryu Shu

By Nisso Ryoju Fukuoka
Tranlated into English by Tadatoshi Izumoto, Hisao Muto, Nisso Fukuoka

Honmon Butsuryu Shu Japan


Part I The Teachings Of HBS

1. Outline of HBS

The king of sutras, --The Lotus Sutra--
What is HBS?
What is the difference between HBS and the other sects?
The difference between Buddhism and Christianity
What is “NAMU-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO" (Odaimoku)?
Medical effectiveness of the “Odaimoku"
Law of karma (The law of cause and effect regulating one's future life)

2. The Characteristics of HBS

Religion to attain nirvana
Chanting only the Odaimoku
Pure Religion
Importance of manifest Evidence
Bodhisattva practice

3. Shakyamuni Buddha, Odaimoku, and Gohonzon

The Eternal Buddha
The reason for not displaying the figure of Shakyamuni Buddha
The ways of writing Gohonzon

4. What are sins (Zaisho)?

Explanation of sins by Buddhism
How can the bad seeds be eradicated?

5. Inviting Happiness

The micro world and macro world

6. Mentalism Preached by Buddhism

The warehouse of mind, (Arayashiki)
Arayashiki is a manufacturing mechanism of destiny

7. The Lotus Sutra and Genetic Engineering

Information contained within The Genes
What is this Something Great?
Let me continue with the professor's dissertation

8. Correct Oneself by Analyzing Oneself

Four kinds of sufferings and eight kinds of pains of life
A true religion
What is the “Right View"?
The “World of Consciousness" from the standpoint of Buddhism?

9. Humans Possess Six Souls

The ten realms of a soul
Rebirth in the six worlds

10. Starting Point of The HBS Religion

Possess a soul of a bodhisattva as master
The soul that creates society
To understand oneself

11. Enlightenment

The ten worlds possessed in the mind
The realms of Buddha. The realms of an ordinary person
Practices for attaining the stages of buddhahood
The figure of the Gohonzon
Theory on enlightenment based on the teaching of Nichiren Shonin
Two Buddhas
What is the substance of the Sacred Object (Myoho)?
Chant the Odaimoku without doubt or thought
Enter into religion by chanting the Odaimoku

12. Buddhism's Explanation of Life and Death

Gazing at death
Experience immediately after death
Life between life
What is a merit-transference?
Difference between virtuous wandering and wicked non-wandering
Medical doctors' experimental reports
Memories of past world
What were the results?
Experiences of the past world drags on

13. Law of Karma

Hypnosis therapy on past life
What is the rule of karma?

14. Five Period Classification of the Buddha's Teachings by Great Master Tendai

When were the sutras compiled?
Larger and smaller vehicle teachings
Small vehicle priests are nihilists?
The path to bodhisattva elucidated by the large vehicle teachings
Receiving visible merits is evidences of true buddhism

Part II How to Practice

1. Practices Performed by HBS

Practice which can be performed by anyone
Use of `the five sense-organs'
Chanting repeatedly is a Buddhist practice (training)
Posture, chanting speed and method
Chanting speed and method of striking the wooden clappers

2. One Session of The Fine Dharm

Enactment of the One Session of the Fine Dharma (Myoko Ichiza)
Reciting Attitude
Composition of Myoko Ichiza
Reciting Nyosetsu Shugyo Sho, Jinriki Hon, and Namukuon No Mon,
Nyosetsu Shugyo Sho
The formula of the divine or Supernatural power of Tathagata (Nyorai Jinriki Hon)
Homage Formula to the Buddha and the Saints (Namukuon no Mon)

3. How to O-Kyuji (to adorn the altar, Gohonzon)

Why are incense sticks offered?
Why are floweres offered?
What is the signifficance of candles? Why is a lamplight lit at all times?
Why is the flint used?
Why is the sound of a metal bell necessary?
Why is water offered?
Why are wooden xylophones and wooden clappers used?
Why is cooked rice offered in Japan?
Why is rosary held?

4. Why Is Worshipping Important ?

Mind and Body
An Oko activity is an important function of HBS

5. Donations (Fuse) , Offerings (Kuyo)

The meaning of donations, offerings, and sustaining
Attitude of mind is important
Having an intention

6. Converting Others To The HBS Religion (Kyoke)

The shortest path to receive merits
Preparations required to convert others
Nichiren affiliated sects
Soka Gakkai (S.G.I)
General rules of subduing when converting people of other religious sects
Superior points of HBS

7. Disparaging The Dharma (Hobo) Is Unjust

Do not hold things that look alike
A Soul of Prudence is Needed to Avoid Disparaging the Dharma (Hobo)
Use of imprudent words

Part III Q and A Session

Karma and destiny
What is Dharma?
About the scripture
What is transmigration between the six realms
Heaven and the Land of Tranquil Light
The Eternal Buddha
Differences between Buddhism and Christianity
HBS's subject of worship
Meaning of the Odaimoku
The difference between Mahayana Buddhism and Hinayana Buddhism
The realms after death
Chanting the Odaimoku and reciting the Lotus Sutra
Introspection into one's mind
Nichiren Shonin's successor
Invocation of the Buddha and Saints
Accomplishments of Nichiryu Shonin
Displaying of Nichiren Shonin's statue
Mortuary Tablets
Why is the statue of Nichiren Shonin black?
Purpose for the cotton strips
Meaning of offering mortuary tablet
The Lotus Sutra, a savior for evil persons
Have other Buddhas besides Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment?
Are human beings originally an existence for enlightenment?
Buddha of phenomena and noumena
Benefits (Goriyaku)
Is it true that spirits dwell in trees and paper?
What are the differences between HBS's Gohonzon and Soka Gakkai's Gohonzon?
To be protected by the Gohonzon
Transference of merit
What is Benefit (Goriyaku) of the soul?
Illness can be cured by faith
Why do belivers encounter accidents?
Is Fuse a fee?
Why does Buddha inflict penalties?

Part IV Selected Writings of Nissen Shonin

Invisible Merits
A wish not granted is also a benefit
One's faith will decline by not suppressing heretical teachings
Praying for the promotion of the Lotus Sutra and the converting of others
By receiving visible merits one's religious practices will deepen
Techniques for propagating HBS religion
Complaints about not receiving rewards
Rely on the Odaimoku and do not deplore the world
The purpose of oko
A sermon is like partaking of a meal
Listening to sermons is a great merit
Knowing it and not doing it
The Gohonzon first and foremost
Reverence is through action
Serve the priest
To Buddha Measly monetary contribution. To children large sums
Attaining good fortune
Offerings to priests
What is reviling the Dharma?
Why are people without religion not punished?
Pray diligently
Prayer for a wish
To develop new recruits is most important
Destiny exists in oneself and not in heaven
Bad mouthing is a sin
Know your Foolishness and remove it
To loan or borrowing money is forbidden
Devout life
The Gohonzon and Nichiren Shonin's statue as living exists
Offer prayer and chant the Odaimoku only
The Path to Survival by Oneself
The Odaimoku is a cleaner, sin is filter
Chanting the Odaimoku
Reciting the sutra is reviling the Fine Dharma
Chant the Odaimoku without doubt or thought
Enter the faith by chanting the Odaimoku
Chant and listen
Submitting to the true teachings of “Shakubuku"
Verbal attack is a great Sin
Odaimoku (Myohorengekyo) what reality is
Three treasures in a period without the Buddha
The sacred object (Myoho) is living
Selection of the sacred object
Two Buddhas
What is substance of the sacred object (Myoho)?

Information of "Tidal wave damage emergency support headquarters in Sumatra offing earthquake and HBS Sri Lanka" installation

Arigatougozaimasu (This mean is "Thank you very much").
We will notify here the Sri Lankan tsunami damage. I sincerely say an expression of sympathy to the victim and family of the Sumatran offing earthquake and the tsunami of Indonesia generated on December 26.
Until today, HBS-Network is reporting directly with the faithful in local HBS Sri Lanka through Rev. Fukuoka of Kofuji Tenple in the Kobe propagation district which propagates in Sri Lanka.
It is done with the fax and E-mail every day, and we are promoting an accurate information gathering and concrete support.
Myoshinji Temple where the headquarters of HBS-Network exists has already set up "Tsunami damage emergency support room in HBS Sri Lanka".
We immediately do concrete support with Rev. Fukuoka for the faithful in HBS Sri Lanka, and family, and a lot of victims.
The promotion of contribution money started from the headquarters of HBS aiming at all over the world at beginning of a year.
Rev. Fukuoka left the Kansai airport for Sri Lanka in the early morning this January 10.
Sri Lanka which is the stricken area is serious confusion, and people are anxious about the secondary disaster.
Rev. Fukuoka was postponing the making passage schedule at the end of the year for the restriction of entering to Sri Lanka.
However, he knew the situation of Sri Lanka , and making passage was carried out.
Rev. Fukuoka is a victim of the Hanshin Awaji great earthquake, and importance and the difficulty of support are felt strongly. I hear, it was "Do not cause the gap in the request from support from Japan and the locale. The support activity piles up the conversation with a local leader immediately and adequately so that the right place and good intentions may spread evenly".
As for human support and the goods support, the activities other than a government and a public organization are difficult though it is repeated.
First of all, only possible "Capital and fortune support" wants to request cooperation as the first support.
We wish cooperation to the largest-ever worst disaster by all means.
Especially, we are believing in True Buddhism's HBS. Therefore, support on the belief side of us is the most important. Then, the prayer is published in here.

"HBS Sri Lanka and tsunami damage contribution money"

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
Shin-Yokohama branch: Branch code 215
Account number: 0272810
Account name: HBS NETWORK

It is important that good intentions everywhere more gather even if it is a little.
It will become big mental support everywhere in the stricken area.

"We pray for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Sri Lanka as soon as possible."
"We pray for international support."
"We pray for the safety of Fukuoka Odoshi (head priest) & his support team."
"We pray for the benefits granted through Namumyohorengekyo for Sumatra earthquake victims and their families."

I will ask all over the world and nationwide all of you to cooperate.
Thank you very much.


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